We are currently seeking new members for the Clinical Multi Family Support Group.  This small group has been meeting since September 2013:

4475 Route 27
Kingston, NJ 08528
every Saturday, from 11:45 am to 1:15 pm

The focus of this group will assist family members to address ongoing life issues with a loved one.

  • Learning to change long standing family patterns of enabling and codependency.

  • Establishing better lines of communication between the identified loved one (ILO) and family.

  • Developing a better understanding of current Family Dynamics and Effecting new positive change.

  • Having a supportive and safe setting to work on personal issues and experience support and positive feedback.

  • How to respond when life on life’s terms issues arise within the family.

  • Improving partnership skills to address issues more effectively to minimize triangulation.

  • Engaging with other families to develop a healthy community of peers to share concerns and develop more productive solutions.

  • Remembering to continue to live life each day to the fullest.

  • Discussion of various community resources that are helpful.

An assessment will be completed with each prospective group member to evaluate group cohesion and motivation. The group size will be approximately six to eight members and we will meet for a total of eight sessions.

For further information please contact:

Phone: (609) 333-1096
Fax: (609) 333-0761
Email: cliff@cliffkoblin.com